About Jacqui

After many years of designing and manufacturing costumes and headwear for her students, Jacqui (a classical ballet teacher), founded Betty Bunhead Tiaras™ - designing, quite possibly, the country's first commercial handmade dance tiaras - way back in 2001. Jacqui's depth of professional experience within the dance industry has enabled her to develop a keen eye for what works - and what doesn't - on stage, and this is reflected in her unique dance headwear designs. She's since designed for countless dancers and dance schools nationally, and, for nearly 20 years, refined her styles and manufacturing techniques to create stunning pieces that truly are in a class of their own.

Jacqui has subsequently expanded her range to include original designs for weddings, festivals and a wide range of events.

She lives in Toowoomba, Queensland, with her daughter and husband, Ben. (Ben is a commercial digital fine artist - you can view his artwork at https://australianwallartprints.com.au).